July 16-17, 2013 | Fairmont Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA

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Food Logistics
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Join Supply Chain Experts, System Integrators, Robotics and Automation Technology Providers, and Learn How to:


  • Evaluate and Select the Right Automation Solutions for Your Operation
  • Maximize Operational Efficiency and Flexibility while Decreasing Costs
  • Mitigate Safety Risks and Assess Solutions
  • Engage Strategic Partners for Success




Keynote Address: Resilency in the Supply Chain
Shekar Natarajan
Senior Director of Supply Chain Planning
Keynote Case Study: The Business Case for Automation and
Robotics – Achieving Higher Profits through Faster, More Flexible Services
Brian Keiger,
Sales Manager – General Industry,
Margaret Wilkerson,
Senior Procurement Specialist – Production Equipment,



Join these Automation & Robotics
Leaders and Pioneering End-Users: Invited Adept Technology, Inc.*
Corkill Insurance Agency, Inc.
Daifuku Webb
Egemin Automation
FANUC Robotics
Grenzebach Corporation
Hänel Storage Systems
JBT Corporation
Miebach Consulting
MMP Companies/MMPEX Systems
rethink robotics
Robot and Automation Safety Group
Safety Compliance Services, LLC
Sapient Automation
SAS Automation
SICK, Inc.
Symbotic LLC and C&S Wholesale Grocers
St. Onge Company*
VanDerLande Industries
Westfalia Technologies
Wirtz Beverage Illinois
Yaskawa America, Inc.



The power-packed program includes experts from Anheuser-Busch, Corkill Insurance Agency, Daifuku Webb, Egemin Automation, enVista Corporation, FOX IV Technologies,  Integrated Systems Design (ISD), Fanuc Robotics, Grenzebach Corporation, JBT Corporation, Miebach Consulting, MMPEX Systems, Retrotech, Safety Compliance Services,  Sapient Automation, SAS Automation, Seegrid, SICK, St. Onge Company, Trommer & Associates,  Vanderlande Industries, Westfalia Technologies, Wirtz Beverage Illinois and Yaskawa Motoman

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The market for supply chain and distribution services is in upheaval, driven by exponentially increasing consumer demand for next-day and same-day deliveries and an expanding variety of product offerings. The rise to prominence by E-commerce has accelerated this trend, but those operating in food and consumer goods are also feeling the push of demand in the form of rising numbers of SKUs and the challenge of delivering them reliably and quickly from the warehouse to the sales floor. By embracing advanced automated supply chain solutions and robotics, distributors and suppliers can not only expect to experience lower operational costs but also greater throughput and ultimately higher revenues as they prosper in the 21st century supply chain.

However, adopting and integrating these technologies is a capital-intensive and complex undertaking. Only those operators who are well versed in the financial risks and rewards, technical considerations, and long-term trends will prosper as the market for their services continues to evolve and grow. For any distributor or supplier, careful strategic planning is required to justify the costs and identify the right technologies to ensure an enhanced bottom line.

Infocast, the leading provider of business intelligence conferences and tutorials is pleased to present Automation, Robotics, and the Supply Chain: Strategize, Integrate, and Profit. With a faculty comprised of system integrators, robotics and automation technology providers, and the companies which currently utilize that technology, this ground-breaking summit will teach you how to plan, operate and justify the costs of an automated supply chain and materials handling operation. Taking place in Pittsburgh, PA from July 16-17, 2013, this Summit is a great opportunity to network with leaders in the field, share experiences with peers, build strategies and strike deals that will empower you to offer more services in an increasingly complex market and generate greater profit for your business.

In addition to the summit, Infocast is proud to offer two workshops: Constructing a Roadmap for Successful Automation and Building Your Automated Supply Chain Team. advanced automated supply chain solutions and robotics automated materials handling operation lower operational costs and higher revenues