October 27-29, 2015 | University Center Conference Chicago | Chicago, IL

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Leading 3PL Executives Explore Ideal Value Creation Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

Brought to you by ARMSTRONG & ASSOCIATES and Infocast, 3PL Value Creation 2015 brings together C-level executives, major customers, and industry experts to assess the future outlook of 3PL segments and explore strategies for value creation that will forge competitive advantage.

Leading global and North American 3PL executives explore today's winning value creation strategies:

  • Hear how improvements in business processing continue to drive 3PLs to redesign supply chain strategies.
  • Position your company to provide cutting-edge services that enhance your customers’ supply chain operations and boosts their (and your) bottom lines.
  • Learn how B2C e-commerce, omni-channel, cold chain and reverse logistics will propel the value-added warehousing segment.
  • Examine the surge in strategic acquisitions and the factors that will be driving the market in 2016.
  • Come together with leading Global and North American 3PL Executives to discuss successful value creation insights and ideas


Strategic acquisitions, omni-channel distribution, global transportation management, and pricing ups and downs will set the stage for third-party logistics in 2015 and beyond. While the future offers up plenty of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: Top executives at 3PLs will need to lead their organizations to greater innovation and value creation for their customers while having their margins squeezed.

To support these vital undertakings, C-level executives, major customers and industry experts will assemble at 3PL Value Creation 2015 to assess the future outlook of 3PL segments and explore strategies for value creation that will forge competitive advantage. This summit is a unique opportunity to get a look at the current and future state of third-party logistics from the best global and North American 3PLs and financial experts. Hear about the value-added customer services that will define the future competitive landscape of the industry.

To help establish competitive benchmarks, the event will report on the current best in class operating capabilities and examine how they differentiate winners and losers in the 3PL market. There will also be insightful discussions of 3PL hot spots dealing with activity in APAC, EMEA, e-commerce, cold chain and green advances.

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